Jawahar Knowledge Center

BVRIT of Sri Vishnu Educational Society was awarded " The Top JKC Award for Excellence " among the 275 JKCs in AP on 20th of March, 2008. Our Chairman Sri. K.V. Vishnu Raju received the award from the Formal Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Late. Dr. Y.S. Raja Sekhara Reddy. The award is given to the Best JKC across the state of Andhra Pradesh.

JKC was inaugurated by Late. Dr. Y.S Rajashekar Reddy on 27th of Nov 2004 in BVRIT. JKC is an innovative and pioneering initiative that attracts the best students from entire the state, providing them with a world class infrastructure and opportunities to apply their knowledge to the challenging problems. Many of Sri Vishnu Educational Society students are placed in the reputed software giants through JKC like Infosys, Wipro, TCS,
IBM, etc.,


  • To impart training through Industry & Academia experts in close interaction to produce readily employable graduates.
  • To ensure that socially and economically challenged sections are proportionately represented in the IT / ITES employment.
  • To provide a conducive environment for learning by doing in colleges.
  • To empower students of rural areas so as to bridge the urban - rural divide.
  • To undertake research that would benefit the society.
  • To develop and deploy e-Governance applications in cost effective manner.

Programs conducted so far through JKC in Sri Vishnu Educational Society

Campus Connect : With a focus to produce quality human resources, JKC joined hands with Infosys Campus Connect initiative to roll out the Foundation Program & Soft skills in Engineering & MCA streams.

Faculty Enablement Workshops : Faculties of Sri Vishnu Educational Society would get chance to participate in several industrial workshops organized by IEG - JKC with its industry partners.

Workshops for students : Students of Sri Vishnu Educational Society participate in the career counseling workshops, seminars, competitions, etc., organized by IEG - JKC or supported by JKC.

Certifications in various technologies : Registered students of these institutions are getting complete waiver / discounted price for participating and getting the industrial certifications like ORACLE, Microsoft, IBM, SAP etc.,

Campus placements : Registered students of Sri Vishnu Educational Society get the opportunities to participate in the campus recruitment events organized by IEG – JKC.

Aspirations : Infosys organizes ASPIRATIONS Contest (a competition to test the students capabilities in various skills like problem solving, etc.) through JKCs.

Sharing of Software tools : Oracle has come forward to share its tools and software to college and students registered with JKC. Microsoft has agreed to give free software access to all JKC students.

Current Programs

  • Foundation Program 3.0 Batch No 8 and 9 is going on for MCA 2nd year and III B.Tech CSE students.
  • Soft Skills Training Programme for 1st year MCA students.