Placement Team


The Industry Relations Cell

Career Guidance, Training & Placements

Besides taking good care of student fraternity at its institutions SVES always committed to provide all possible assistance to guide them according to their career aspirations.

A centralized industry relations cell is established at Hyderabad which in turn works in coordination with the Training & Placement cell of all the SVES institutions.


 Salient Features of SVES IR Cell:

    • Centralized IR cell headed by Director (IR) taking care of training & placements, internship opportunities, higher education aspirations, career guidance of the students
    • Industry Liaison Officers deputed at Chennai, Pune and Banglore to pursue the core and IT companies from those regions
    • Mission GRE: An intensive training program for the students aspiring for foreign higher studies
    • GATE Coaching programs: Customized and integrated GATE coaching programs are planned and being executed by the internal as well as the eminent faculty members chosen from premier institutions like IITs, BITS etc.,
    • Encouraging the students to participate in workshops, contests at various industry forums and project competitions to build the brand of SVES
    • Promoting the industry interaction with the students by organizing career awareness sessions, workshops, certification trainings regularly
    • Involving the industry representatives with all the institution level academic / cultural events
    • Active participation in the all the activities of ITsAP, CII, NASSCOM, NHRD 

To name a few following companies visited / recruited our 2013 batch students

SNO Company Area
1 AccelQ IT - R&D
2 Aizant Core - Pharmacy
3 All India Radio Entertainment
4 Amazon ITeS
5 Angelique Core - Civil, EEE, Mechanical
6 Apollo Core - Pharmacy
7 Aurobindo Core - Pharmacy
8 Avontix Medical Coding
9 Ca Technologies IT - R&D
10 Capital IQ ITeS
11 CSC IT - Services
12 Cyient Core - Mechanical, ECE, EEE
13 Deloitte IT - Services
14 EUREKA Forbes Core - Marketing
16 Glaze Trading India Pvt Ltd Manufacturing, Diploma
17 Gowra Bits & Bytes Core - Marketing
18 Granules Core - Pharmacy
19 Greycampus IT - Services
21 HETERO Core - Pharmacy
22 HOSPIRA Medical Coding
23 IBM IT - Services
24 IBM - ISL IT - R&D
25 Infosys IT - Services
26 Inrhythm IT - Services
27 John Deere Core - ECE, Mechanical
28 JYOTHI POLYMERS (P) LTD Manufacturing, Diploma
29 Konylabs IT - R&D
30 Kustommade IT - R&D
31 Lumeris IT - R&D
32 Micropyramid IT - Services
33 Mindtree IT - Services
34 Mphasis IT - Services
35 MSN Laborateries Core - Pharmacy
36 NIIT Technologies IT - Services
37 NTTDATA IT - Services
38 OMEGA HEALTH CARE Medical Coding
39 Omega Healthcare Medical Coding
40 OMICS International Medical Coding
41 Osmosys IT - Services
42 Persistent IT - R&D
43 POLARIS IT - Services
44 Pramati Technologies IT - R&D
45 Rachem Core - Pharmacy
46 Rane Core - EEE, Mechanical
47 Rapidbiz Apps IT - R&D
48 Reliance IT - Services
49 Renault Nissan Core - Mechanical
50 Seneca Global IT - Services
51 SONATA IT - Services
52 Swagruha Foods (Tech Division) IT - Services
53 Synopsis Core - ECE
54 TCS IT - Services
55 Techmahindra IT - Services
56 Teradata IT - R&D
57 Thermax Core - Mechanical
58 Thoughtworks IT - R&D
59 Thyrocare Core - Biomedical
60 UHG Medical Coding
61 Virtusa IT - Services
62 VISTEX IT - Services
63 WIPRO IT - Services
64 You Broadband ITeS
65 Google (GIS Mapping) ITeS
66 Sun Star Infosys Core - Marketing
67 Axis Services Core - Marketing
68 Rajmataj Core - Marketing
70 Eugene Pharma Core - Marketing
71 NCC Core - Civil
72 Everglades Technologies Core - Mechanical
73 FMC Technologies Core - Mechanical
74 Cadeploy Core - Civil
75 Moldtek IT - Services
76 Hyundai Core - ECE, Mechanical
77 Thomson Reuters IT - Services
79 Aptroid IT - Services
80 ADP IT - R&D
81 ADP IT - Product
82 Cummins Core - Mechanical
83 Nebulogic IT - Product
84 L&T Infotech IT - Services
85 GVK-BIO Core - Pharmacy
86 Cadence Core - ECE, EEE
87 Portware IT - Services
88 SAP IT - R&D

For Individual College wise placements

What are the Skill-sets required in Engineers?

 The skills set of engineers can be characterized by three overall skills factors:

Core Employability Skills which cover generic attitudinal and affective skills, such as reliability and team-work

Communication Skills such as English skills, written and verbal communication

Professional Skills which generally covers cognitive skills related to the engineering profession, such as ability to apply engineering knowledge design, conduct experiments, related data analysis and interpretation.

Core Employability Skills and Communications Skills are often referred to as soft skills. The factors also have important similarities with theoretical skill domain developed by the educational literature.

Engineers that are in high demand possess all three skills sets. Engineering education programs therefore have to put in place a comprehensive quality upgrade of their programs.

However, while Professional Skills remain important, employers consider Soft Skills (Core Employability Skills and Communication Skills) as the most important skills. Employers look for engineering graduates who show integrity, are reliable, can work well in teams and are willing to learn.

Further, employers across India ask for similar set of soft skills. Irrespective of the size of the company, the economic sector, or the region, the above Soft Skills (integrity, reliability, teamwork, Communications Skills and willingness to learn) remain the important ones.

Skills grouped into Three Factors


Factor 1

(Core Employability Skills)

Factor 2

(Professional Skills)

Factor 3

(Communication Skills)

·         Integrity

·         Self-discipline

·         Reliability

·         Self-motivated

·         Entrepreneurship Skills

·         Teamwork

·         Understands and takes directions for work assignments

·         Willingness to learn

·         Flexibility

·         Empathy

           Identify, formulate, and solve technical/engineering problems

           Design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs

           Use appropriate/modern tools, equipment, technologies

            Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering

           Customer Service Skills

           Knowledge of contemporary issues


           Written communication

          Design & conduct experiments, and analyze and interpret data


          Communication in English

          Technical Skills

          Verbal communication

          Basic computer

          Advanced computer


(Source: FICCI- World Bank Employer Satisfaction Survey report, 2009)